About Phelps Food Service Consultants

Randy Phelps, FCSI, CP-FSRandy Phelps, FCSI, CP-FS, has been involved in the Food Service Industry for more than forty years, mainly in management and supervisory capacities. Drawing on his eclectic experience as a hospitality professional, Mr. Phelps has developed training programs, management systems, and proven marketing techiniques specifically tailored to the Foodservice Industry.

Mr. Phelps is a member of the National Evironmental Health Association and credentialed as a Certified Food Safety Professional. A registered instructor of both the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Program and the ServSafe® Alcohol Awareness Certification Program, Mr. Phelps educates Food Service professionals, local volunteer groups and municipal health professionals.

In the current climate of budgetary concerns, Phelps Food Service Consultants is contracted to conduct food establishment inspections for local municipalities.

Tracey Burg is a Registered Dietition, Nutritional Educator, Chef and Culinary Expert with over twenty years of experience in the food service industry. Ms. Burg is a Culinary and Nutrition Instructor at the prestigious John C. Stalker Institute for Food and Nutrition in Framingham, MA. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, with a degree in Occupational Science in Culinary Arts, and a Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition.

Ms. Burg is available for menu development and analysis, workshops and seminars, speaking engagements and training sessions. As a member of the American Dietetic Association, Massachusetts Dietetic Association and the School Nutrition Association, Tracey is prepared to bring your staff training and nutritional programs into the new millenium!